My home is a house that's been in my family for a century now. It was first purchased by my great-grandfather after World War I. It then passed to my grandmother, then to my mother, and now to me. Besides being where I live, this home holds countless memories and is a physical link to my ancestors. It is so much more than just a property.

The house itself is unusual for southwest Virginia. It's a masonry construction with stucco walls and a flat roof. While this gives the place a unique look, it creates a nightmare when it comes to keeping it dry. Over the decades my family has hired roofer after roofer, each promising that they could fix the leaks. None of the repairs ever made it a year before the leaks returned. This caused extensive water damage and made it impossible to repair cosmetic damage inside. This year yet another "new" roof was failing. I asked around for someone who might know how to handle a roof like this one, and for someone who does truly good work. That's how I met Dane and Clint at Hometown Roofing.

Right from the start they were honest with me about what they could do and what they thought should be done. I was even willing to put a pitched roof on if that was necessary, but they assured me they could get the job done and preserve the unique look of my house. And they were right.

The roof on my home now is like none it's ever had before. The solution they came up with is simple and highly effective. There is nowhere for water to collect and pool. They used materials of much higher quality and the workmanship is neat, clean, and professional. After decades of frustration, we finally have a roof that will last.

Choosing someone to put a new roof on your home is a big decision. The health of your roof has everything to do with the health of your home, and it is usually a big investment. This is even more true if you have a unique roof like mine. I know I made the right decision when I hired Hometown Roofing and I would recommend them without hesitation. They have given my great-grandfather's place the roof it deserves, and in no small way they have saved my home.


-C.W. Burton